Institutional Members Non-profit museums
Special Members Domestic and overseas organizations that support the objectives of KMA
Honorary Members Meritorious individuals who made significant contribution to the development of museums in Korea
Individual Members Individuals who are interested in the activities of KMA

Policy Development Committee Aims to improve the legal and taxation systems for the development of museums and develops various policies for the improvement of KMA and seeks for the ways to realize them.
Organizes and carries out academic seminars, symposiums, publications and educational programs.
International Relations Committee Organizes and performs diverse international activities such as collecting various materials of the international art scene, international exchange programs and other international relations tasks.
Elevates the rights and status of members, insures museums and their staffs from doing unethical conducts and bolsters the tasks in relation to reward and punishment.
Public Relations Committee Informs the public of the activities of KMA and its members.
Scientific Technology Committee Make efforts to improve scientific technologies related to the building and management of museums and to promote the exchange of those technologies.
Development Committee Carries out all the necessary tasks in relation to the development of the legislative groundwork for the growth of the Association.