General Activities General Assembly of Korean Museum Proffessionals
Held in May every year in celebration of International Museum Day (established by ICOM, May 18th), Korean Museum Day aims to raise the morale of museum professionals and to energize the activities of museums. As one of its related event, people who devoted themselves to the development of museums are awarded the 'Pride of Museum Professional Prize' and many government commendations (President, Prime Minister, Minister of Culture and Tourism) in order to make them to feel proud to be museum professionals and to fortify their sense of duty.
General Activities Korean Museum Association Conference
The Korean Museum Association Conference is the most distinguished international conference in Korea that deals with museum issues. In this conference, many academic and research organizations and experts specialized in museum work from both Korea and foreign countries present their academic achievement in relation to museum work and discuss with others. The conference attempts to enrich the basic conditions for the development of museums and especially strives to strengthen research capacity by providing support to the researchers of museum work.
Field Investigation of Overseas Museums
This program provides museum directors, curators and other museum related professionals with an opportunity to visit and experience foreign museums and other museum related organizations. The program will help the increase of international exchange and the information obtained though this program can be utilized in the development of Korean museums.
Government-sponsored Activities Provision of Curators to Private Museums
By providing professional curators to registered private museums, this program aims to enhance the quality of their services, to strengthen the practical capacity of curators and to encourage the employment of curators. It ultimately intends to protect the cultural heritage of Korea and to expand the viewers' right to enjoy culture.
Government-sponsored Activities Museology Classes
These programs are offered for curators and those who want to be a curator. The introductory courses help them to learn the basic skills of curatorialship by providing the opportunity to acquire fundamental information on museum work and practical knowledge and experience. Also, the advanced courses provide those with a curatorial certificate and working curators with the opportunity to enhance their ability in museum work.
Government-sponsored Activities Docent Training for Nongovernmental Museums
Forms the basis of lifelong museum education by improving the various conditions for cultural enjoyment and aims to contribute to the realization of the popularization of museum activities by promoting visitor- oriented exhibition practices.
Government-sponsored Activities Publications
Folk Museum Movement
Museum News
Museology 1 & 2 (Written by Otzca Kazyosi, Translated by Hong Jongpil)
Museum-Its Theory and Practice: Guide for Museum Practices 1 & 2
2003 Museums in Korea
2004 Museums in Korea
Museums of the World 1
Preliminary Study on the Building Network of Museums
Copyright for Museums (Written by Chae Myeonggi)
Establishment and Management of a Center for Collaboration between and Support for Museums
Study on the Present Conditions of Leading National Museums in Overseas
2006 Museums in Korea
Ancient Culture of Korea (Published semiannually)
30 Years of the Korean Museum Association
Museums through the Mind
Korean Museum Map
Nationwide Map of Museums
Fundamentals of Museum Tasks
100 Years of Korean Museum